Wind/Hail Damage

Rapid Roof & Restoration has the expertise and knowledge to recognize wind and hail damage on your roof, siding, gutters and home. The owner is HAAG certified in wind and hail damage and is a licensed adjuster giving Rapid Roof a competitive edge when helping customers through the storm damage process. Knowing policy rules and regulations we will negotiate with your adjuster to come to a mutual resolution for the scope of damages before starting the work. We handle everything during the insurance process including all the necessary paperwork to get your claim approved.

Our Process: What to expect

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  • A project manager will come to your property to do a thorough inspection. 
  • After the inspection, the project manager will explain his or her findings and, only if necessary, recommend you make a claim.
  • Call your insurance company not your agent and inform them that you are working with a contractor who has examined your property and found considerable hail or wind damage.
  • Inform your insurance company you want your contractor present upon adjuster inspecting property, so they don’t send adjuster out without your project manager there to point out the damage and hold them accountable.
  • They will then give you claim number you will write down and give to your project manager.
  • Usually, a few days later your assigned adjuster will call to schedule inspection, let them know your project managers info and ask them to schedule inspection with your project manager.
  • The project manager will then meet with your insurance adjuster during the scheduled adjustment time at which the project manager will work directly with adjuster to point out all the damaged and negotiate scope of work to be completed and price to complete work.
  • ​Both parties will come to agreement before end of meeting and a final loss report along with check for damages will be issued. Our team walk you through the process after receiving the check to ensure a timely start date as many checks will have to be signed off on by your mortgage company if check is released with both the homeowner and the mortgage company’s name on it.
  • To ensure the agreed loss report is complete and accurate, the project manager will review the loss summary report and negotiate with the adjuster for any necessary supplements the insurance company may have neglected to account for.
  • The materials and colors to be used will be selected at this time.
  • Once a final scope of work and amount is agreed upon, homeowner will sign off and work will be scheduled.
  • We will then coordinate an installation date. Work will be completed in 1-2 working days weather permitting.

**See residential roofing section for further details regarding project process.

  • Your project manager will collect according to insurance company payouts; every claim is unique so payment terms may vary for each claim.
  • ​We will take care of invoicing the insurance company and submitting all documents to ensure insurance payments are correct and on time.